August 2018
  • Provost Kotlikoff appoints Michael Fontaine, Associate Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, and Marin Clarkberg, Associate Vice Provost for Institutional Research as Self-Study Co-Chairs
November 2018
  • Planning Committee members attend MSCHE
    Self-Study Institute in Philadelphia
  • Planning Committee convenes back on campus
  • Co-chairs begin to draft Self-Study Design
December 2018
  • Co-Chairs meet with leadership bodies (President’s Cabinet, Provost’s Council, Academic Deans’ Meeting)
  • Institutional leadership select the self-study approach (“standards-based” or “priorities-based”) and timeline (Fall 2020 versus Spring 2021 visit)
  • Provost seeks input from Deans for Working Group chairs and members
  • Provost appoints Working Group chairs
January 2019
  • Steering Committee appoints Working Group members
  • Co-chairs call MSCHE Vice President Steve Pugliese to set dates for his Self-Study Prep Visit to Ithaca
February 2019
  • Co-chairs attend kick-off meetings of Working Groups, reviewing the charge to the group, the Evidence Inventory, and answering questions
  • Working Groups commence evidence gathering, bi-weekly meeting schedule
March 2019
  • Cornell will submit Self-Study Design (two weeks before visit from MSCHE’s Steve Pugliese)
  • MSCHE’s Steve Pugliese to visit Ithaca for Self-Study Prep Visit
May 2019
  • May 10, initial draft of Working Group reports due
  • Steering Committee members read all Working Group reports and provide feedback
October 2019
  • October 21, Working Groups provide final reports to Steering Committee
November 2019-February 2020
  • Steering Committee assembles comprehensive Self-Study draft
March, 2020
  • Working Group members provide feedback on comprehensive Self-Study draft
April-May 2020
  • Self-Study draft shared and discussed with institutional leadership, the Board of Trustees, and the various university assemblies
June 2020
  • Self-Study draft sent to Team Chair
  • Team Chair’s Preliminary Visit
July – August 2020
  • Self-Study Report finalized based on Team Chair feedback
September 2020
  • Self-Study shared broadly with campus community and publicly
October 2020
  • Evaluation Team on campus
  • Team Report provided within two weeks following the visit
  • Cornell provides official response
March 2021
  • Commission meets and determines action